Landscape Photo Gallery
In tune with the changing times Mr. Ramachandran recognized the importance of landscaping and channeled his energies to this field. Being trained in art and Photography helped him to convert Fabina Gardens to landscape display garden. Mr. Ramachandran is adept in creating Waterfalls, Rockery, Fountains, Water bodies and other landscaping elements according to the interests of the clients as well as customizing to the sites. Resorts, Hotels, Residences and other Institutions have sought his help in building up landscaped gardens. He uses ready made grasses, trees and other plants in his landscapes which are grown on a large scale in Fabina Gardens. Grasses which need very little sunlight to grow ideal for courtyards in houses is also being grown here.

Mr. Ramachandran is forever ready to share his expertise in landscaping with the younger generation. Many entrepreneurs in this sector get their planting materials from our farm. Mr. Ramachandran designs attractive fountains – Indoor, Outdoor models which

longevity with precise design calculations.

He also constructs the fiber glass lampposts and the fountain bases in his in-house fiber glass factory.